For Immediate Release
Muhammad Ali: " Ninety-three wire Photos"
Press Release
March 2, 2002 through April 12, 2002

The Kantor Gallery is pleased to present; and exhibition of ninety-three wire photos featuring Muhammad Ali.

Know for his lyrical charm and boasts, three- time world heavy weight-boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, breaks the news in this series of wire photos. Capturing 'The Champ' with various celebrities, family members, presidents, governors, et cetera…

This exhibition will take you on journey throughout Cassius Clay's career from the 1960's into the 1980's. With such images as seen in Miami, 1964, Ali "Floors" the Beatles in side the ring where he was training for his heavy weight title fight with Sonny Liston. 1979, boxing with Governor Brendon Byrne for the benefit of New Jersey Medical Center. 1980, joking with President Carter at the White House. 1986, "At the fights" with Jessie Jackson before the introduction of the world Boxing council fights in Madison Square Garden.

Muhammad has been blessed to meet with important dignitaries, making public appearances and enjoying his missionary work. He has moved far beyond the boxing ring with his professional reputation to influence the world.

The exhibition open Saturday, march2 from 6pm to 9pm and continues through April 12, 2002.