For Immediate Release

Mankind often views the external environment as a source of rivalry. However, it man's internal desire to start and to finish that often leads to opposition. Internal competition can be a powerful force, driving a person to do better, stay in the game, complete the mission, and go until the end. This internal struggle is not about winning it is about perseverance.

In Kenton Parker's latest body of work he explores this internal determination and struggle of commencement and completion. He notes "Start-Finish is all about going for it". Indeed, his work shows the intensity of mind over matter. Parker's artwork makes the viewer think not only about staying in the race, but the complexity to do so. These paintings not only speak of pursuits, but of the never-ending cycle of life. Start-Finish takes on a new meaning in this context. People are born, people die; doors open, while other ones close. It is this variety of dichotomies in the works that urge the audience to reflect and make their own conclusions. At first blush Parker's art appears abstracted, but after stepping back and digesting the whole piece, figures full of motion and determination emerge. The images have an air of anonymity that allows the viewer to step into the race and complete it on their own terms.

Kenton Parker is a Los Angeles based artist and designer. Gathering inspiration from popular culture and everyday life, Parker draws and paints a rich vocabulary of icons and motifs. He has maintained both a progressive edge and timeless style in all his works. Throughout his career Parker maintains a constant thought-provoking aura surrounding his artwork that leads to open communication between his art and the audience.

Kenton Parker will be exhibiting his new artwork at the Kantor Gallery with an opening artist reception on Saturday May 22nd from 5:00 to 9:30 pm. Exhibit will run through June 19th. For more information please call 323-933-6976.