For Immediate Release
David Dean Meyer
"Nuclear Family"
May 2 - June 24

David Dean Meyer

David Dean Meyer has long been fascinated by the rapid evolution of the family unit in American society. Born and raised in conservative bastion of Colorado, Meyer has become progressively more aware of the influence of the media, and especially television, on our culture. This is impacting not only our personal development, but also the maturation of our society as a whole. David Dean Meyer's goal of this, his latest body of work, is to investigate the dialectic between media and culture.

David has appropriated images from out sub-conscious, taken directly from our daily lives, and has subverted them to his own purpose. Thus, while these images look somehow familiar, you are never quite sure as to their origin. They make you ask yourself, "Did I see that, live it, watch it, or read it?" Responding to the pervasive nature of the media, many of the paintings from this body of work are bathed in a light that can only be described as a 'television blue'. It is as if the flickering blue light emitted by televisions all across the world had finally leaked out of the living rooms, dens and bedrooms, and has seeped across the landscape. In a democratic community based on individuality where the uniqueness of the population is celebrated, it seems that the only thing which unities us is the media, this mirror of our society. Neither critic nor blind supporter, the blue light reflected from Meyer's world is social commentary as its most insightful and entertaining.

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