For Immediate Release
Andy Warhol: "The Early Years, 1946-1960"
Press Release
March 3, 2001 through April 14, 2001

The Kantor Gallery is pleased to present: Andy Warhol, "The Early Years, 1946-1960".

Warhol moved to New York in 1949 and studied at the Carnegie institute of Technology where he began his early artistic pursuits. Very few artists achieve the level of recognition that Andy Warhol secured throughout his career. However, before Warhol's signature "Pop Art" began to dominate mainstream culture, he worked as a commercial illustrator creating designs that reflected his love for simplicity and beauty.

Warhol's decorative inkblot illustrations graced the pages of Glamour, McCall, Vogue, Harper's and Bazaar Magazine throughout the 1950's. Contradicting the assumption that his art relies little on personal experience, Warhol's early work reflects his fascination with fashion and glamour, as well as a demonstrating his unique ability to transform ordinary things into extraordinary art.

This exhibition is a collaboration of over forty original work, with paintings that cannot be seen outside a museum, Andy Warhol, "The Early Years, 1946-1960" demonstrates Warhol's dialectic as an artist.